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A Nutritious
& Healthy Journey

The menu is approved by NSW Health to meet the daily intake for children. Nutritious meals made suitable for all ages A variety of cooking experiences within the program, children will go on a food journey and learn to value healthy eating.

School, readiness, preschool program

Fresh & Nutritious

We pride ourselves in providing fresh & healthy meals for the nutrition of our growing children.

School, readiness, preschool program

Culturally Aware

Providing meals from a variety of cultures and meeting all cultural requirements of our diverse families.

School, readiness, preschool program

Allergy Aware

We are an allergy aware centre. All special dietary requirements are catered for.

School, readiness, preschool program

Nutritious Menu

Providing a nutritious menu over a 4 week cycle which your children will love.

Take Home Meals

Providing delicious take home meals for children from our delicious menu, providing a convenient service to those busy families.

About the Menus

We use only quality
ingredients including lean meats, fresh fruit & vegetables.

A menu which rotates on a 4 week cycle.

Healthy meals your children will love.

Providing Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch & Dessert, Afternoon Tea & a Late Afternoon Snack.

We also offer take home meals for busy families.

An allergy aware & diverse cultural menu.

Healthy snacks with lots of fruit & veggies.

Our menu is certified & approved by NSW Health via the Munch & Move Program.